Styling the Seasons - October

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Happy October everyone - here we are at another month and a whole new Styling the Seasons! This month I decided to focus on my desk area. After years of doing all my making on the floor I've finally got myself a creative area set up, it's got to be the biggest luxury. In the darkest renovation days, focusing on having somewhere of my own to work definitely got me through and as such I've tried to make it as creative as possible. Most of the rooms upstairs are painted white, but as I know how much I dread winter days I wanted this room to be as cosy as possible. I painted it Dulux, Carribean Sunset which gives everything a cosy peachy glow and is an absolute pleasure to work in especially when I have lamps on in the evenings.  The room is blessed with huge windows so I can always see the sky is doing and if I stand on tip toe I can see the sea! 
After many flower filled days I had to dig a bit deeper to find out what really got me excited for October. The materials I use have to be one of my biggest sources of inspiration - I spend so much treasure hunting I'm constantly on the look out for the unusual and colourful. I've been drawn to antique brooches alot recently so these pretties are currently taking pride of place. As you'll see I have lots of bits and pieces hanging around as I often use old projects as the basis of new ones. 
Because of the small scale of jewellery work, I like to have a range of pots close by to hold odd beads and new projects, I bought this little lace basket from The Range but usually stick to vintage or recycled glasses so I can easily see what I have around me. 

If I'm honest my desk isn't usually this tidy but clearing it up for this post gave me a ton of new ideas, there is something so refreshing about having a clean space that soothes my mind but gives me so many ideas too. 
As I said in yesterdays post, I have loved hearing the stories behind items. I've had this old Ikea desk for over 10 years, it was an integral part of my degree. It folds out which is perfect for big projects - I have cut so many patterns and written so many essays at this desk. The framed paper bag was a lucky find but again I have so many memories of visiting Berwick Street in search of silks for projects, it is always a favourite place of mine to visit when I'm Soho way. My friends are such an inspiration for this blog, my best friend drew me the shoe and we bought the scarf on a random visit to antique shop. The other bits are collected from my mum and sisters. 

I've only had my shelf up for a few days and I've already added more to it, its at eye level so everytime I look up I can see all my best bits. 

So here is what my October looks like, a fresh start and a space to be creative - what does October look like? Join in all the Styling the Seasons fun using the #StylingTheSeasons hastag.

Styling The Seasons - September Review

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I was texting Katy yesterday, trying to choose our favourite entry for Styling The Seasons for September but I just couldn’t, all the entries have been so so good. When we started this project we wanted something that everyone could participate in and interpret in their own way, which has made choosing a winner impossible. As we’ve rolled into autumn, our Instagram feed (#StylingTheSeasons) embraced the end of summer with hydrangeas and coloured dahlia’s and now autumn coloured leaves, feathers and conkers are signalling a new season is upon us – its been a joy to see it take shape and evolve. 
Without sounding like an X-Factor contestant, it’s been a personal journey too. As someone who constantly doubts themselves, seeing how different everyone is has given me reassurance that its ok not to be like everyone else and just go ahead and embrace what I love (colour, flowers, DIY and more colour). A little envious of everyone’s clean spaces, I’ve been much stricter about clearing things that have no use or value and creating inspiring area’s around the house. I’ve cleared a lot of clutter from my dressing table adding tiny vases of flowers and happy pictures around my mirror as well as adding fading summer flowers and golden autumn leaves to tabletops and the mantle piece – mixing in a few candles for cosy nights. 
Image - Lapin Blu 

I think the most import change I have noticed is in myself, I’ve spent so much time rushing around this  that the first six months of the year went past unnoticed. September has been my most fulfilling month so far; taking time to jiggle things around at home, spending two minutes in the garden, putting things in vases has given me space to think and reflect about what I want to do next and what dreams I want to peruse. Styling the Seasons has become more than a hashtag, its become a way of life. 
Image - A Quiet Style

A massive thank you to all the bloggers that have taken part and written posts and to everyone who has instragrammed and tweeted their #stylingtheseasons entries. You are all wonderful! The fun doesn’t stop, tomorrow is the start of a whole new month so make sure you join us. 

Styling the Seasons posts

DIY - tie-dye table cloth

Thursday, 25 September 2014

As promised here is the tutorial to accompany my Styling The Seasons post. Now I know tie-dye isn't a new and ground breaking craft but I thought it's good to share how I interpret 'traditional' methods into my everyday life. I never thought I'd get so excited about having a table but I have and now there's no going back! For practical reasons its nice to be able to eat dinner without spilling a large proportion of it down my top and secondly its nice to have another area to put flowers on. To celebrate this major milestone in my adult life I wanted make it look as special as possible for when my friends came round but keep it fun and informal too, as tablecloths are quite expensive I decided to DIY my own, this came in just over £10 which I don't think is too bad. Here's how I did it
Prepare your supplies - I used Dylon Flamingo Pink, Salt (I had this stuff spare in my supply box), rubber bands, 100% Cotton fabric, mine was from Ikea which is by far the cheapest I've seen.

Step 1. Take a handful of fabric and tie with a rubber band. Each band will give you one circle shape so vary the amount you use per bunch. Repeat until you have covered your whole piece of fabric. 
I used 2.5 metres of fabric but probably should have used 3 metres as the ends are quite short. Make sure you measure your table and add at least another 50cm to that measurement before buying your fabric, it helps

Step 2. Prepare your dye as per the manufacturers instructions, damp the fabric and add to the dye bath. Leave for about an hour, stirring every 20 mins or so. 

Step 3. Once ready, remove from the dye bath and rinse thoroughly. When most of the dye has come out remove the rubber bands, 

Step 4. Put the fabric in the wash, I ran mine on a cold cycle and then leave to dry. Ideally after this stage you'd hem the edges but I ran out of time and left raw which I quite like. If you were giving this as a present it might be good touch to finish completely. Give it a really good press and you are done.

I'm so happy how this came out, I'd quite like to do a really soft coloured version in a pale blue or dusty sage next. I think this proves you don't have to spend loads to make something really striking. Happy Making! x

Workshop Dates

Monday, 22 September 2014

I'm excited to announce some new workshop dates in London and Chelmsford all the details are below

The Old School Club - Battersea, London

Statement Necklace - 3rd November, 1300 - 1500

Make Do and Mend - Chelmsford, Essex 

Embellished Lace Necklace - 18th October 1000 - 1200

Embellished Knits - 18th October 1300 - 1500

Introduction to Jewellery Making - 10th November - 1800 - 2100

Jewelled Friendship Bracelets (you'll learn, this and this) - 24th November - 1900 - 2100

Embellished Knits - 1st December - 1900 - 2100

There are also 2015 dates for these classes on the Make Do and Mend website if you scroll through.

All materials are provided (apart from the embellished knits class where you need to bring your own jumper), I make sure there is a choice of gold and silver findings and colour options for beads all in my favourite colours. The classes are really fun and I promise you'll learn so much (take a look at this post for a look at the class)

Floral Friday - in the orange groves

Friday, 19 September 2014

I was reminiscing about the summer this week and its been a good one. Its felt long (in a good way) and I've worn all my summer dresses which is always a sign that we've had many a sun filled day here in the UK. However, I can't deny that the dark mornings we've had this week and the chill in the air is signaling the change in season. I want to share these photo's from Mallorca before summer comes to a complete end, it's been a year of little travel but staying up in the oranges groves has got to have been one of my favourite memories, at first I'd sneak into the owners shed to get oranges to juice for breakfast then I found it was much more satisfying to pick them straight from the tree. Have a great weekend everyone, let's make the most of being outside whilst we can! xx 

More Mallorca posts here and here 

DIY - statement tassel earrings

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ooh I'm excited about these statement earring beauties. I feel like I have got my jewellery making mojo back these last few weeks so I'm giddy with excitement to share this new earring tutorial with you all. Inspired by the amazing Dolce and Gabanna versions I have seen floating around the last 12 months - go to Pinterest and search Dolce and Gabanna earrings, to see what I mean. I really love how they have been playing with different mediums to create wrong but right jewels. I made these mixing up my favourite materials - leather and coloured jewels (I used a mix of vintage, recycled and new) and a basic earring connector. Here's how I did it.
You'll need - Mix of jewels, don't be afraid to cut pieces of jewellery up to get what colours you want, silver discs, leather, cord ends, 4mm & 5mm jumprings, E6000 glue, earring connectors, earring stands.
Step 1. Make a tassel, I had some peach tassels left over from my tassel bracelet, use step 4 as your guide. I then glued tiny coloured diamante around the tops using stones cut from old necklaces. 

Step 2. Glue your stones onto the discs, making sure you don't cover up the holes

Step 3. Flatten your cord end and stick to the back of the stones - you could also just glue these to the discs as step 2. 

Step 4. Glue your stone to the earring stand, cutting off any excess loops beforehand. 

Step 5. Decide on your arrangement, its best to hang the largest stone/tassel at the middle and then decrease in size outwards. Fixing to the earring connector with either 3mm or 5mm jumpings. I like to keep the jumprings as small as I can to avoid too much gaping. 

Step 6. Add the earring to the earring stand with a jumpring. I used a diamante earring stand to match the sparkle on my vintage jewel.

I started wearing these last Wednesday and have worn them everyday since from work to drinks, from drinks to the garden centre - they work for all occasions with the added benefit of putting the razzle into the dullest of days, this is definitely a tutorial to try - Happy making! x

Instagram - Styling the Seasons

Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Monday everyone! I'm starting the week full of inspiration by rounding up some of the beautiful Styling The Seasons Instagram entries. I have loved seeing how everyone has interpreted the the theme each entry is so individual and personal, it's definitely made me look at my house differently. The house has come to a bit of a standstill of late there are so many unfinished rooms that you learn to live with, I feel this project has given me new eyes. As a result I have been cleaning and clearing and making space to add more seasonal pieces, sorting dumping grounds and generally make the whole place feel a bit more loved - I can definitely feel this becoming a way of life! 

If you want to join in tag your photo's and blog post with #StylingTheSeasons so Katy and I can see your wonderful entries.

Images (I can't work out how to link to Instagram accounts, so have included blog links where poss!)
Top row - A Quiet Corner / Instannnnagram / Circle of Pines
Middle  row - Cate St. Hill / A Quiet Style / Heather Young
Bottom Row - Heather Young / Giggle May / Jayne1971

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