Styling The Seasons - March

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Welcome to March! For this months Styling The Seasons I was a bit stumped, I thought I would arrive home from India to a garden full of spring flowers which would be the basis for this months post. I did a tour of the garden this there are a few optimistic shoots but sadly nothing blooming. 

Since arriving home I feel my thoughts have been all over the place - ideas feel tangled and out of reach and I've been telling myself off for not being good enough. I really need to shake this feeling so have decided to have a word to focus on. I have chosen the word nurture - as reminder to be kinder and look after myself, let ideas and creativity have space to breathe. 
For this month's surface I decided on my dining room table - the sun arrives in the afternoon and I love looking out onto all the greens in the garden (and spotting the cat on next doors shed!). I find the space and light in the room really peaceful and love having a large table to spread all my stuff on. I can't resist having a few bunches of colourful flowers around and loved these soft mauve hyacinths against the yellow of this Suzie Cooper teapot and green of the tulip leaves - in fact this is my favourite colour combination at the moment.

I also piled the table high with some of my favorite creative activities, calligraphy (so addictive), embroidery and of course some jewellery making. The trouble is I want to do it all, all at the same time hence the head muddle!

Instead of artfully styling a surface I decided to add all my current inspiration to the mix - confusing it maybe - when I see everything in front of me I can start to unravel my thoughts and come up with a plan and direction to take new ideas in. I have filled the table with favourite books and prints - the flamingo print was a birthday present from my sister and I won the Matthew Williamson scarf on Instagram (gaaahh!). The mirrored fabric is an embroidered top I picked up in India, not to be worn but marvelled at. I love the mix of colours and textures of everything on the table, as March feels like a spring board for the months ahead I'm really looking forward to seeing where these ideas and inspirations take me, some will be for projects and DIY's others will be added to around the house. Even though my thoughts and ideas might be in their incubation stage I feel really ready to shake off the dark glow winter and embrace the change in season and the beginnings that come with a new season. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing your March inspirations. If you want to join Katy and I in Styling The Seasons then make sure you link your posts and photos with the hashtag #stylingtheseasons.

You can see what Styling The Seasons is all about in this post and previous posts here (February January, December, November, October, September

Styling The Seasons - February Review

Monday, 2 March 2015

 Sorry, sorry, sorry - my Styling The Seasons review for February is finally here (it took me longer to catch up after my holiday than expected!). What a month February was, Katy and I joined forces with Laura Ashley to team up with some of our regular bloggers for some truly inspired posts (did you see my five genius ways with wallpaper round up?). My mind was blown from so many original ideas, I love how every post is different and really reflects how much joy we all get from our homes.

This month I have really been inspired by mauve hues, these billowy daliha's from Neitherleigh, make me long for summer - they look so pretty in their little vases. 
On instagram this simple vase from @c_colli is just perfect and this pretty posy from @live_and_bloom is adorable.  
I absolutely love the colour of Lucy's sideboard and how she has styled it with ombre candles, rustic pots and that lovely brass lantern. Another goody from instagram, I couldn't let February pass without one heart themed picture I loved the vintage feel of this one from @gatheringspriggs. 

Here are all this months wonderful posts
A Quiet Style / Bradshaw & Sons /Claireabellemakes / Re-made by Sam / Sprunting / Capture by Lucy / Tea with Ruby /Beak up Crafts / Celebrate Creation / Afkes / Sew Simone / The Ordinary Lovely / Made by Molu / The Villa on Mount Pleasant / Something I Made / Geoffrey and Grace / Daisy Fay / The Vintage Good Life / Growing Spaces / Alltomkerstin / Really Pretty Useful /Lapin Blu / Cate St. Hill / Camellia Rose / The Vintage House that Could / Little Green Shed/ Sew a Little Love / The Cabinet Maker’s Love Tale / The Lovely Drawer / We Made This Home / Lotts and Lots / Apartment Apothecary

If these have inspired you then make sure you join in for the month of March. All you need to do is is style any surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you, make sure you use the hashtag  #stylingtheseasons so we can see all your gorgeous pictures.

DIY - Star Stud Earrings

Thursday, 26 February 2015

A few weeks ago I shared a slow statement necklace project, this time I am sharing a really quick and simple earring project. I made these star stud earrings for Cut Out and Keep, they use fancy findings which is such a good/cheats way of adding detail to a project without having to do any additional work - fabulous! I bought these star earrings from Bijoux Beads in Bath and the dyed jade from Beadies in Amsterdam. I love to collect treasures on my travels, being an experienced bead buyer I'm always on the look out for the unusual and unique, like these stars. If your are a beginner I recommend buying tear drop beads with the hole running the length of the bead, so you don't have to do fancy wire wrapping at the top. 

Step 1. Thread your beads onto the head-pins and cut the wire approx. 1.2cm from the top of the bead. 

Step 2. Create a loop in the wire - you can see a more detailed tutorial here 

Step 3. Gently open the wire loop and fix to the earring stand. Close the loop.  

I really love how these chaps came together, they are a perfect beginners project and ideal when you don't want too much razzle dazzle. Happy making! x 

Inspiration - safomasi

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

To avoid being distracted and bringing a suitcase full of bindis and henna back from India I was doing some research on things I might be able to buy that I actually need. I started my search at Jade Jagger's beautiful home in Goa and then tumbled through the internet until I came across Safomasi. It's a site full of Indian inspired home furnishings but with a fresh and modern twist. I really love the quilts and the Keralan inspired cushions, I think they'd be perfect for adding a dash of colour to any home.

For the full collection visit the Safomasi website.

Jewel Haul No.2

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The question I get asked most frequently is where I find the materials for my projects. From Ebay to charity shops, traditional bead shops to forlorn sale jewellery stands, I can find treasure anywhere. It's an addiction that I can't break but the materials I use are my biggest source of inspiration. I fall head over heels for a brilliant shade of blue or get completely seduced by vintage sparkle, none of it really fits a theme I just have to love it wholeheartedly. 

I have really been gathering treasures this past few months but there has been such good stuff out there. Starting with the top photo's a bought a few sweet pieces from Beadies, Amsterdam. It is such a lovely shop and had some really unusual charms in all my favourite colours. Hidden at the back of the photo is a massive stash of seed beads I bought from my favourite bead shop and lunchtime hideout that was sadly closing down. These coloured beads are perfect for my jewellery making workshops. 
Someone had donated a lifetime of vintage brooches and vintage chains to my local charity shop. I snapped up as many as I could afford so I can make a few more of these statement brooch necklaces
Every few months I look for leather scraps on Ebay. I found a wonderful multicoloured suede packet for under £10 just after Christmas. I really love the blue shades and have already used the the peach, pink and apricot colours in this leather statement necklace.

I was kindly given this leather cord from Endless Leather and I love it. The rose gold is such a joy to use (see projects here and here). It's not often I get given materials to play with but this stuff is amazing and I love it, it's definitely a staple in the collection. 

DIY - floating driftwood shelf

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this floating driftwood shelf DIY with you all. I didn't know it was possible to love a shelf as much as this. The best bit is, is it really doesn't take long to make and put up - I think it took me about an hour in total. Combining this months Styling The Seasons and my bedroom project I wanted to start to add some detail to the room. I love the feel of driftwood it reminds me of holidays and I am slowing incorporating it into every room in the house. I found my piece of wood on the beach complete with rusty nails, if you're not near the coast then you'll need a piece of wood about 5cm thick and 12 cm deep (the length will depend on you!)  you could always rough up a bit or give it a simple whitewash for a more rustic feel. 
You'll need - A piece of wood, drill and 16mm wood bit, normal 6mm drill bit, rawl plug, large screws, (mine were approx 10cm). 

Step 1. I prepped my wood by cutting to the correct length (mine was 45cm long). I then marked my drill points 12cm in from either end of the wood. 

Step 2. Drill the holes in the wood. Make sure you drill far enough to make the shelf secure but not so far you go through the other side. I kept checking the length as I was drilling. 

Step 3. Mark on the wall where you want the shelf to hang. I mark the top of the shelf and the centre. From the centre measure outwards to the distance of the centre of the drilled holes. Make two more marks and then drill into the wall using a normal drill bit. Hammer in the wall plugs and then screw in your long screws.

Step 4. Keep checking the length of the screws against the shelf as you want it to sit flush against the wall. Once happy that the screws are far enough in the wall add your self and admire! 

I must mention (before I get a call from my Dad) this method works really with with small light pieces of wood like this. If you are using heavier and longer pieces of wood then I'd recommend using proper floating shelf brackets but you will need to chisel a dip at the back to cover the bracket. 
What do you think? I completely love it, its so handy for displaying bits and pieces. I think I've moved things around about 10 times since I've put it up! Happy making! x 

five genius ways with wallpaper

Saturday, 14 February 2015

There have been so many amazing and creative entries for our Styling The Seasons competition with Laura Ashley. I have absolutely adored seeing all the different ways all the lovely bloggers have used the Laura Ashley products - there have been quite a few 'damn, how did I miss that?!' moments. What has completely blown me away is the innovative use of wallpaper, I have to admit I struggled to think of what to do with mine but some of these are just genius, take a look 

Above - I love Cate St. Hill's flower wall, such a simple and effective idea. It'd make a great back drop for a party, wedding or just because...

The Vintage Good Life - the whole post is amazing but I really love the origami birds (keep an eye out for the tutorial)

Made by Molu - More birds! These birds look so lovely strung together (and how nice is that vase?)

Lapin-Blu - these wonderful origami shapes add such a gorgeous touch to her beautiful shelf.

The Villa on Mount Pleasant - these vintage suitcases were made for this paper. They look wonderful.

There is still time to vote for your favourite entry on the Laura Ashley blog to be in with a chance of winning a £50 Laura Ashley voucher. Voting for group one closes on 15th Feb and group two 16th Feb. Good Luck! x
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