Three stylish houseplant holders with Red Online and The Joy of Plants

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I'm so excited to share this recent project I worked on. I was contacted last month by Red Online to come up with three stylish houseplant holders for a project collaboration they were working on with The Joy of Plants. It was a real pleasure to be asked and personally it was great to have a project to get stuck into. The process from idea submission to filming took a week, so was a real whirlwind of activity behind the scenes here a Lotts and Lots HQ (aka my dining room!) but I loved it!

I came up with three different ideas - a pom pom basket, wire lampshade pot stand and wooden box planter. Like with all my tutorials I wanted to keep these simple and use minimal tools to create three completely different ideas. You can see the full videos here along with all the links for materials. 

It was such a fun day - I've included a few behind the scenes shots so you can see a little of what we got up to. I really love how these videos have turned out and they make me want to get filming more of my tutorials.

As you can see there were quite a few of us including Stanley and my Dad!

Summer To Do List

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ahh you can tell summer has arrived here in the UK, every morning starts with a hopeful glance from behind the curtain to see if the day will be sunny and not grey and rainy as it currently is. Rain aside I truly love summer and as this is my first in ten years not to be office bound or pregnant I really want to enjoy every minute. I wrote a Spring to do list and found it so helpful to staying focused and getting jobs done - here is my summer version. 

Make the most of the beach - the beach is at the end of the our road so there are no excuses for not taking Stanley for a paddle. 

Get my craft room up and running - the plasterer has just left so all I need to do is wait for the room to dry and I can get started with the white paint. I'm missing having a space to create so much.

Post every Friday - I'm struggling to keep up with being a mama, having commissions, sorting building work and other general stuff that I'm going to be posting once a week on a Friday afternoon, starting this week (I think). 

Take a few day trips - I'd love to go and see the pretty beach huts on Mersey Island, don't these look so cute and visit Beth Chatto's garden for some local garden inspiration. 

Perfect a Sangria recipe - Dan doesn't like cocktails but I do. Sangria is the happy medium so I want to find a great recipe that we can have when the sun shines. 

Make more puddings - A random one for summer but I never make dessert and would like to make more of an effort. Currently on my list something with fig (as I have a really pretty can of figs in the cupboard), tiramisu and something with cherries. 

Get a pedicure - I'm pretty good at doing my own toes but you can't beat an hour off to have some one else make them look pretty and read trashy magazines. 

Of course there are many other house things to do but that list is seemingly endless and for another time. 

Have a great summer everyone. xx

At the garden centre

Friday, 17 June 2016

When I was a teenager the two worst things in life were being seen out shopping on a teacher training day with your mum and staying in on a Friday night watching Gardeners World. Now as grown up I love shopping with my mum (especially plant shopping - "oh you should definitely get this..!) and if I manage to stay awake during Gardeners World I feel like I'm winning! When Ocean Finance kindly got in touch and asked me to share my favourite flowers around the house and garden as part of British Garden Week, I thought I'd hop off to one of my favourite garden centres and take you plant shopping with me. 

Our garden is something that Dan and I love doing together, he's in charge of the veg patch and I manage the flowers. This year I've been busy mulching the beds and trying to tackle the bindweed that threatens to over take the minute you close your eyes. It's definitely getting there - I've been growing as much as I can from seed and moving what we already have around but sometimes it's fun to buy a few new plants when they're in bloom so you can get some instant gratification. 

As a novice gardener there is no science behind my plant buying, I just buy what catches my eye. If it stays alive and looks good then will add to my list of plants to buy again. Roses do really well in our heavy Essex clay soil, which is good for me as I love them. Here I am explaining my vision to my sister about this climbing Banksiae Lutea Rose, I spotted it when I visited Monet's Garden last year and has been on my wish list ever since. I snapped it up when I saw it in the half price section. 

Another reason I love going to the garden centre is because of the colours and textures that are everywhere I look. Nature has the best colour combinations and I touch nearly every leaf or bloom that catches my eye. I fell in love with this soft peach Iris which promptly went into the trolly alongside a mauve version to keep it company. The flowers have finished for the year so I'm already looking forward to next when they flower again. 

I was on a yellow and peach roll during my visit and thought this Geum Banana Daiquari and Geum Cosmopolitan were too lovely to leave behind. There was a bare patch under a tiny cherry tree and I knew that they'd be perfect to sit alongside. I do try and buy with a spot in mind I just get very easily distracted and swayed - for example this trip I had hoped to buy some peonies! 

I could go crazy each time I visit buying anything that takes my fancy but I'm learning that gardening takes time and patience to get right. At the moment I'm really enjoying the changes each month brings, seeing what pops up from last year and even more exciting seeing what seeds itself. I'll do a before and after garden post very soon as the transformation is a good one. 

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you get outside if you can. xx

A huge thanks to my sister for taking these pictures, you can follow her on Instagram here.

Thanks to Four Walls - Ocean Finance for sponsoring this post all thoughts and opinions are my own.

DIY - hooray houseplants

Saturday, 11 June 2016

As a maker you sometimes have to accept what you're not good at and for me its card making. I just can't make flat things look good, what I am good at is playing with texture and having fun. I've needed to send a few cards lately so instead of giving some sorry effort for a handmade card I created these celebration houseplants. Not only do they last much longer, they are really simple to make. 
 You'll need -  small houseplants (these can be picked up everywhere from supermarkets to florists), terracotta pots (the more aged the better), wooden skewers, thin card, writing pen, craft knife, embroidery thread, tassels , pom pom maker, plus anything else you have handy that can be dangled! 
 The method is fairly loose...
Step 1. Make pom poms, little tags with your message on (the were approx. 1cm wide) and anything else you fancy. 

Step 2. Put the skewers into the pots, you will might want to cut them down to size depending on the size of your plant. I cut mine at different lengths so that the tassels and banners would hang properly. 

Step 3. Fasten thread at the top of each skewer (the length will depend on the size of the plant). Then tie on your tassels, banners and pom poms. 
I really love how these turned out, they are so happy. I think they'd also look great super sized or grouped together along a table for a celebration dinner/party/wedding. Happy making! x

Styling The Seasons - June with Holly's House Competition

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Welcome to June's Styling the Seasons, there is plenty to get excited about this month - one,  the garden roses are out, two, I've posted on time and three, this month Katy and I have teamed up with the wonderful Holly's House to give one lucky person the chance to win this beautiful cooper hexagonal table. To enter all you need to do is style any surface to represent what the month of June means to you, upload your photo to your blog or any social media platform and tag Katy, Holly's House and myself. We'll pick the winner on 30th June and announce the winner on our blogs so keep an eye out. 
Onto my side table, behind the scenes I've been very busy getting stuff done. If you've read my blog for a while then you'll know I've been faffing around with my bedroom. I haven't been happy with its layout since we moved in and as the house is in general chaos I thought I'd put one more room into disarray and paint my bedroom. I finally moved the new bed to its new home and have installed side tables. I tried to be cool and just have a stool but Dan and I are messy people and we need drawers and cupboards to hide our stuff. I found these matching side tables in a secondhand shop at the top of the road - they are the perfect size for the space and have this most beautiful marble top. They are definite keepers. As I always have a project or ten piled up by the side of my bed I've included these sweet Indian bells and Swedish linen threads. I bought them from The Decorative Living Fair and they are top of my make list, I can't wait to get them into a necklace I have planned. 
I was hoping to have had the whole bedroom complete by now but a few projects too good to pass up have come my way so I'm a little delayed. Its ok as I used this months post as a visual moodboard to get the final colours of the room together, these soft yellows, pinks and mauves all work so well together against the delicate green I've painted the walls. I'm deciding between two giant embroideries to go on the wall behind the bed and I now know which one is going to make the cut...
The month of June is always one of my favourites, gardens burst with life, days are (sometimes) warm and there are usually holidays on the horizon. The more Styling The Seasons posts I write the more I realise how much I depend on nature to keep me fulfilled. I made a rule at the beginning of the  year to by plants over products and it's definitely working. Bulbs I planted last year have been popping up all over the place and these daisies I grew from seed are taking over the flower beds. The yellow poppy was a surprise find, I don't remember planting it but there it was smiling away. I have to admit I borrowed the roses from my mum as the only ones in my garden didn't work with this post. I normally put all my flowers into various jam jars I've collected but decided to use this rose gold paper bag from the Future Kept and love the contrast between the textures of the petals and the shiny-ness of the bag. 
The piece of wood was salvaged from the wood pile of our upstairs renovations, the rooms should be ready for painting this month which is SO exciting. The work hasn't caused too much pain but I am very excited to get myself installed into my new workroom - as I type this I'm currently blocking out the piles of washing, odd bits of furniture old boxes that are surrounding me. It'll be brilliant to start the month a fresh and no longer with renovations quite literally hanging over our heads. Have a great month everyone I can't wait to see your posts. 

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project run by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and myself. Each month we invite you to style a surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you. Share your images on your blog or on any social media platform using the #StylingtheSeasons hashtag.

Styling the Seasons - May Review

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Janice Issit is one of my favourite Styling The Seasoners, I just love her style. This month her dark walls and May Day posies got me. I naturally favour light colours but I always love to see how people use dark colours in their homes. I think that dark walls really show up your treasures, make paintings feel really magical and give bright colours an extra burst of life. I feel really inspired to try some darker shades. 

If you want to see all the glorious posts for the month then make sure you hop over to our Styling The Seasons Pinterest Board, there are nearly 600 pins which should give you plenty of inspiration especially if you have yet to join in the monthly fun! 

Thanks to everyone who has written posts this month, you can find all the links below. xx 

The Decorative Living Fair

Friday, 27 May 2016

Whilst we were in Suffolk Dan and I made a resolution to have a family day once a month. Weekends can get pretty hectic trying to fit in jobs around the house, seeing family and friends etc. When I was invited to the The Decorative Living Fair I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend the day together outside looking at lovely things for the home and our garden. 

It was more beautiful than I could have imagined, the grounds and house of Eridge Park were stunning. Dan was able to spend quality boy time with Stanley on the grass whilst I looked around at the fabulous stalls. The fair is organised by Hetty Purbrick and Caroline Zoob who hand select the exhibitors, who in turn display only their finest wares - think dreamy French Brocante, treasured linens and all sorts of random goodies you didn't know you needed. 
I don't get to venture too far with a little one in tow, so was hugely inspired by the effort that all the stall holders went to to create such amazing stands. Just to wander around the stands was enough to fill my brain with happy colours and new ideas. I couldn't resist a purchase (or two) at one of my favourite stands - The Old Haberdashery. I've heard about them on Instagram but it was lovely to meet the owner Sonia and enthuse over the fair and my general love of haberdashery. Another favourite of mine was Su Mason textiles, the selection of prints and linens was gorgeous, just a little out of my price range which is a good thing as I would have bought the lot! 
I really loved the relaxed and friendly feel to the fair. It was easy to manoeuvre the pram around which is always a huge plus these days and great to speak to so many lovely people and make new discoveries.  I'll definitely be going again but with a few more pennies in my purse. 

Thanks so much to the organisers for inviting me, our tickets were complimentary all thought and opinions are my own. 
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