Styling The Seasons Review - July

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Despite taking a bit of time away from the internet in July, I loved catching up with all the beautiful Styling the Seasons posts. It was such a gorgeous month celebrating summer flowers, outside living and slow days (I'm still hoping for some of those!). It was almost impossible to pick favourites but I have to say I loved Janice Issitt's outside/inside inspired styling. Her post really stood out for me I adore her style - a stunning mix of colours, texture and pattern. I'd love to have a nose around her house! 

Here are all my other favourites for the month. 

I hope you had a wonderful July, a huge thanks to everyone who took part you are all so amazing! 

I'll back on Monday with my August Styling The Seasons post.

Out of Office

Monday, 13 July 2015

This year has been so wonderful for my blog, my readers have increased and the opportunities that have come my way have been fabulous. However the last few weeks have been hardwork and I can feel that I am running out of steam. Instead of fighting it I've decided to take a blog holiday, it's a scary thought 'what if no one comes back?!' but its only for a week or two. I really need to recharge and get some energy back so I can bring some of my ideas to life. Already giving myself permission for time off I can feel a buzz of excitement for new projects and ideas I want to try. Have a good few weeks, I'll be back before you know it or most likely on Instagram (@Lottsandlots) if you miss me! xx

DIY - driftwood boat

Friday, 10 July 2015

I love these driftwood boats so much I thought I'd give them a whole post. They are super easy to make and are the perfect DIY to create once you get home from a holiday and want an inexpensive memento. I often feel that my best/most creative ideas come when I'm pushed for time and don't have time to plan or go out and buy supplies. I made these late (for me) at night when the shops were shut and I had to use what I had to hand, in this case small bits of driftwood, muslin fabric and wooden skewers.

To make I wiggled the skewers into any holes or gaps in the wood in roughly the position of a mast, I used an awl on a few pieces just to make a bigger hole and added a squeeze of glue from my glue gun to secure. I then cut triangle shapes from the muslin fabric and glued around the 'mast' creating a sail, I stuck the edge of the sail to back of the boat to make sure it didn't flap around. To finish I made some ribbon flags using seaside-y grosgrain that I've had for years. These are so simple I promise they won't take you longer than 10 minutes.

I really hope you give these a try, they are such a sweet summertime project. Happy Making! xx

Featured - Mollie Makes Magazine, Chevron Bead Necklace

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Having projects in Mollie Makes (or any magazine for that matter!) never gets old. I'm delighted that my seed bead chevron necklace has three whole pages in this months magazine (issue 55, page 81). I'm usually up against a deadline when I write these projects so never take behind the scenes photos but you can see a few of my prototypes scattered around the sides of the spread. I always keep my samples, I like having a record of what I have created. There are always so many new ideas to try in jewellery making, I think that's why I love it so much - for more projects take a look at my gallery page

If you haven't already then make sure pick up a copy of this months magazine, its a good'un. Happy reading! x 

Monday on the beach

Monday, 6 July 2015

Some weeks its good to start the week off completely differently. Last Monday I took my deck chair, camera and flask of coffee down to the beach to shoot said deck chair, have a chat with a random lady and paddle in the sea. I haven't had such a productive week in ages, this week lets get out of our routines and do things differently...

And if you haven't voted for my Out There Interiors deck chair you can vote on Facebook and Instagram, voting closes Wednesday so be quick! Here are some behind the scenes snaps for you, have a super week x 

#PimpMyDeckie competition with Out There Interiors

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Every so often a really great opportunities come up that are just too fun to resist, like this #PimpMyDeckie competition that Out There Interiors asked me to take part in. The brief was simple - to pimp a deckchair anyway I wanted. The deckchair itself was lovely, all grey wood and natural linen so I decided to go for zesty lemons and greens to create a rather summery design (you can see my inspiration board below).  

There are seven bloggers taking part, you can see the full set here. I'd really love it if you would spare a second and vote for me - you can vote via Facebook or Instagram. Thanks so much x 
You can see more deckchair inspiration on my #PimpMyDeckie Pinterest board.

Images  - Lemon eyes/ Painterly print / Lemon Grove / Lady / Kate Spade

Styling The Seasons - July

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Was it me or did June go exceptionally fast? I can't believe we're now in July and onto a whole new month of Styling The Seasons. I've really enjoyed the (good) challenge of working with different companies to incorporate products and themes into our posts over the past few months (see Loaf, Bloom & Wild and Laura Ashley posts) so this month it felt both daunting and fun to have complete free reign over the months theme. Katy and I met up a few weeks ago to discuss and plan Styling The Seasons, naturally our conversation took random turns until we got onto the subject of blue and white - we both loved this post and wanted to get more of it into our lives (see Katy's post on Ardley Antiques Fair for proof!). I hosted a Fathers Day breakfast for my Dad and just knew it was the perfect opportunity to get my best blue and white china out and do a little late night making. 
I always wanted my dining room to have the flexibility to be changed for different occasions, this time its worked rather fabulously with my sea inspired table. It's very easy when you live by the sea to fall into a beach cliche but as my Dad is a man of the waves, I don't think he's missed a days sailing in 50 years, I wanted to create a sea inspired table in his honour.   

I gathered all my blue and white china and glasses (most from charity shop hauls) and enamelware (jug mine, urn borrowed from my sister) and painted a wave table runner to tie everything together. These table runners are my new favourite (see my hen party version), they are so simple to whip up, all you need is some watercolour paint and a roll of childrens craft paper and get creative with your theme, spots and stripes work well if you don't feel that inspired.
My sister and I used the extra paper to wrap his presents too. 

July will always be the month that summer really gets underway, its my absolute favourite time of year. It reminds me of the fizzy excitement of school finishing for six weeks, nights outs with friends that last well into the next day and the smell of the sea as I get off the train from a busy week in London on a Friday evening. This year as I head into my third trimester I'm starting to get excited about my upcoming arrival (fingers crossed all stays well) until this point anything baby has felt too daunting and I haven't wanted to jinx progress but I'm slowing feeling more ready to get into a baby place. I have a few more classes to teach and projects to wrap up and then a week off, I just hope the skies stay glorious and blue like they have been this past few days so I'm able to enjoy them.

To join our fabulous Styling The Seasons community all you need to do is upload a blog post or image across any social media channels using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons - style any surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you and your home. You can take part at anytime during the month and as many times as you want too! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the month means to you. x
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